What is YatriPay?

YatriPay is an ecosystem tailored specifically for Travellers. YatriPay project comprises technological and 'on ground' solutions curated to make travel easier and affordable. A fast, secure and scalable POS Blockchain fuels this model, while YatriPay's Staking platform enables users to invest and spend their YTP.

With various planned partnerships and integrations YatriPay looks forward to establishing itself in the roots of the tourism space. We look forward to building a community around our idea with the agenda of Crypto Awareness via offline and online campaigns.

Empowering the Travel Industry with Power of Blockchain

The global pandemic COVID-19 severed the Tourism sector across nations. Economies where the most GDP share came from Tourism industry were totally devastated, millions of jobs and trillions of dollars were lost. Even if the pandemic is now approaching an end, this sector is still struggling to catch up with old numbers.

This is the time when this gigantic industry can use some help for getting back on its feet. Travel needs a boost while travellers need motivation as post COVID people's pockets are dwindling with inflation strikes.

YatriPay looks forward to bringing travellers and various businesses from the Tourism Sector into its ecosystem on a global level. The focus is on enabling payments with YTP for eliminating currency conversion costs. These payments would be processed by the YatriPay blockchain running on the eco-friendly POS consensus mechanism.

Under its concept of 'Learn, Earn & Travel', YatriPay will educate people about blockchain, provide them investment tools and then present them with options to spend their crypto.


There are no big problems, there are just a lot of little problems. - "Henry Ford"

1. Limited Online & Offline Crypto Payments in Travel Industry

2. Hassel of Currency Conversion for Travelers

3. Building a Crypto Educated Community


1. YatriPay itself has an online travel portal for booking Hotels and Flights, these services will expand over time. On the other hand YatriPay is constantly working with Industry Players and is committed to deliver an offline network for Crypto Payments.

2. With YatriPay's online and offline reach, our community will be able to pay in YTP throughout most of their travel. Regardless of nationality, all those wanders out there will have a common mode of payment for their travel needs.

3. YatriPay's vision only would come true when it builds a strong community around its idea. Therefore YatriPay will educate people about the concept of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency via Crypto Awareness Program. Once Travelers are equipped with the right tools and knowledge, they will be able to get most of what YatriPay has to offer.



Ideas, traditions, cultures and sciences have traveled across this magnificent blue dot, and so has humankind. Travel has always been a major variable in advancement of civilizations as people have traveled across continents and oceans, sharing what they had and adapting what they came across.

If explorers like Columbus, Vespucci and Vasco da Gama had not gone on their expeditions, neither the land masses would have been discovered, nor would we have maps of seas and oceans. Rationally travel has helped us to reach where we stand today, and yet we want to travel further to Mars and space beyond. Travel has ensured survival of our species and we believe it should bloom more, spreading knowledge and experiences across our planet.

The YatriPay project strives to contribute to the journey of "modern travel" by modernizing payment ecosystems using blockchain technology. This whitepaper will walk you through how YatriPay plans to implement its idea of revolutionizing Travel & Tourism Space.

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Android & iOS Application

YatriPay mobile applications provide you a seamless experience of YatriPay's services on your mobile phone. You can download the app from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. A same account will be used across both Web and Mobile Application.

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2022 Q1 Concept
  • YatriPay Blockchain is Live!
2022 Q2 Research
  • Whitepaper & Lightpaper released
2022 Q3 Development
  • Platform development and blockchain testing
2022 Q4 Launching
  • Public Sale Starts
  • Travel Booking
2023 Q1 Payments
  • QR code payments with YTP at merchants for Travel Services
2023 Q2 Listing
  • Establishing YTP in other countires and listing at various exchanges
2023 Q3 Learn
  • YatriPay will start offline crypto education centre
2023 Q4 Partnership
  • Partnerships with Travel Industry Players and Influencers
2024 Q1 Trade
  • YatriPay will launch it's own cryptocurrency exchange
2024 Q2 Earn
  • YatriPay will promote on chain staking setup
2024 Q3 Promote
  • Offline promotions with help of influencers
2024 Q4 Tokens
  • YatriPay will implement its Layer2 Chain



YatriPay & Metaverse

Nowadays people make use of Google and Youtube while carrying research about a possible place they would travel to. Metaspaces use AR and VR technology and the experience is very close to real life. Hence the end goal here is to let people see and feel a place virtually, this would add to virtual travel but then travellers can decide if they want to visit this place in real life. The end goal here is only to promote more travel using whatever digital means are available at our disposal.


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Atul Kapoor

Co-Founder & CTO

W James Bay

Co-Founder & CBO

Varun Sethi

Legal Advisor

Shubham Bagwari

Innovation Advisor